OUTXE W20 Waterproof Wireless Solar Power Bank Festo

The power source
The power source

Welcome to Web Festo. Today I will tell you about OUTXE W20 waterproof wireless solar power bank. Today I will also, tell you about solar power bank Festo.

OUTXE W20 Waterproof Wireless Solar Power Bank

OUTXE W20 Waterproof Wireless Solar Power Bank

The ability bank is sold with some handy attachments, including a manual plus a7 W miniature solar panel


The OUTXE w 20 Power Bank amazed me once I saw it. The energy bank includes superior stuff which is significantly more reliable. And it’s also. This is actually just really a power source with red and nearly black.

Maybe your lightning symbol, and it is for charging an invisible output. Centering the apparatus can charges Smartphones. The power button is located over the logo above the lightning, and also then to you’re just six LED indicators. The five LED signs are battery-powered signs, and also the LED index that is past is really just actually a solar power charging radio or index charging. Between the lightning and also your power button logo could be your logo.

What’s it called an energy lender? Consider the rear side. Power is as soon as your battery runs out of battery life power in the trunk that functions like a battery. In the event you put it in direct 16, surprisingly, the battery protects.



asserts that the power distribution that is W-20 was created using an IP 67 rating for dustproof and watertight efficiency. I believe this due to the watertight cover. There is A watertight cover not simple to start, also there may be definitely the basis that is most essential for me to rely upon dustproof efficiency and its own watertight. There is also an outcome for charging signals and just an output.

The source is a micro-USB input and also a Form C input, included in a watertight cover.

OUTXE intends to put the W-20 Power Bank because the power bank for the travelers of today. The absolute most significant things to get an outside power source could be your battery capacity. I’m not disappointed with all this OUTXE W20’s battery life capacity. The power source that is w 20 involves.

The power source

 The power source

The power source is designed with two output interfaces which may control two devices as stated previously. The power of this power distribution is going to be limited to restrain the temperature of the goods if both ends are used simultaneously. There is A security mechanism necessary for a substantial power bank.

Moreover, with just two input interfaces, the power source affirms the speediest charging rate of roughly 6.5 hrs. In addition, my power source, which includes an input interface and also a 10,000 mAh battery, takes approximately ten hours to completely control.

From the evaluation, I utilize Realme X and also Realme 3 to the bill . Let us assess.

Realme 3

 Realme 3

Realme 3 – from 3 percent to 26 percent – charging at Half an Hour

Realme X – from 2% to 28 percent – charging at Thirty Minutes

The charging rate is high, also it’s extremely suitable for charging two apparatus.

Additionally, I use XS Max using wireless to control the i-phone.

I-phone XS Max – 61 percent to 72 percent – fee at half an hour

For charging at precisely exactly the exact identical moment, three magnets are supported by the OUTXE w 20 power distribution. Even though the charging rate in this manner isn’t too significant, three apparatus might control it! I believe this is excellent for people that have apparatus.



OUTXE W-20 is just really actually a handy safe and portable battery that’s certainly acceptable for travelers. I enjoy the OUTXE w 20 power bank. However, given the versatility and its market placement, I could know that.

The ability bank is no kick-starter. Encourage it and you could just go here to find information if you want to know more about that.

Even the W-20 is designed for example strong that provides you a ray of light from the darkened hiking in the woods while walking in the jungle or swimming at the ocean. For normal your own experience will probably last.

Realize Maximum

To realize maximum security, we’ve developed lots of protective internal components, for example, a three M M 4-sided cushion, an even significantly more than 2.5 M M rocky scenario, a one-piece watertight ring, and a soft rubberized cap using a 3-layer groove layout, and also a 0.7-millimeter foam mat plus a protective board under the solar power. Enough for almost just about any telephone number.

Camouflage is at the forefront of this fad, the emblem of experience and pursuits. The w 20 includes a Camo appearance to accommodate your preference combining encounter with fashion’s soul.

This power source has a security type of IP 67, which offers protection to its power source against any dangers of dust and grime. When researching outdoors no days will stop you. Being shielded from dust and shock, you may simply take it into the desert, into the hills or into the ocean along with you, deploying it to go home.

Our utopia’s characteristic

Our utopia’s characteristic is the fact that we now need to work using wire to hook up with other apparatus or mobiles. We aren’t there yet. However, we’ve got a version of a device inside our energy lender. As a result of pad charging in the middle of their energy source placing your apparatus is going to guarantee the morning they are powered.

Waiting means wasting some time. However, prior to your power bank is fully charged, there isn’t to wait for a hundred years. Charge both inputs over the W-20, and also the necessary time will probably be reduced for 6.5 hrs.

Just how do you experience Power Bank? The ability bank is just one of the points. Nearly all of you may spend hours. An electric bank may be the very optimal solution for you personally if your smartphone comes with a dead battery to the road. I bought the OUTXE W-20 IP 67 watertight wireless power bank the operation which surprises me. Let’s check OUTXE W-20 Power Bank.

The ability bank is sold with some handy attachments, including a manual plus a7 W miniature solar panel, a dual-port wall charger plus a weatherproof protective carrying example, a Micro USB charging cable, a Form C charging cable, five fuses plus 2 coil straps.

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