Review Samsung NU8000 (UN55NU8000, UE55NU8000)

Review Samsung Minimalist Aesthetics
Review Samsung Minimalist Aesthetics

Welcome to Web Festo. Today I will tell you about the review of Samsung NU8000. Today I will also, tell you about Samsung UN55NU8000 and UE55NU800.

Review Samsung NU8000 Samsung Series

This does not mean that the Samsung NU8000 series looks like a budget TV. It is bright, colorful and comes with the latest version of Samsung Smart TV.

Secondly, its motion settings can be difficult to configure. With the full effect, you may be subject to the effect of a soap opera (this is when the image looks artificially and plastic, like a bad set of soap opera), but turn them off and you can get an artifact of movement. Advanced settings have a joyful environment, but ultimately it is these problems that prevent this screen from winning a medium-sized war.

Need something brighter with multiple control zones? Do not miss the superb Roku TV with 6 TCL series (R617, R615).

Review Samsung Design

Review Samsung Design

We have some doubts about the NU8000 series, but not one of them concerns the design itself: out of the box it is an incredibly visually appealing TV.

A striking design feature of the NU8000 – and the attribute that sets it apart from other TVs in its class – is the lack of a plastic frame around the top and sides of the screen. Without a frame, the TV is ultrarealistic, clearly occupying the page of the Samsung mobile division.

To prevent damage to the screen when unpacking, Samsung offers cardboard shields that stick to the sides and protect the screen – showing that designers thought through the entire installation process from start to finish.

Review Samsung Minimalist Aesthetics

 Review Samsung Minimalist Aesthetics

To further enhance these minimalist aesthetics, there is a Samsung T-shaped stand with a removable back cover that hides the wires. It takes a few seconds to detach the back cover, route the cables through the rack itself, and perform a clean installation each time.

At the back of the TV, you will find a beautiful brushed aluminum finish, as well as four HDMI ports, two USB ports, an Ethernet port, and an RF cable tuner jack – this is ideal if you use an internal antenna and plan to use the neat Samsung TV Plus Channel Directory.

If there is any nit-picking about the design of the TV, it is that the screen uses a VA panel with backlighting around the edges. Despite all efforts, local dimming of the screen is not very good and far from being as good as OLED panels in the same price range – but more on that in the sections on performance.

Design TL; DR: The NU8000 is a truly great TV

 Design TL; DR: The NU8000 is a truly great TV

Design TL; DR: The NU8000 is a truly great TV. The absence of a frame around the upper and lateral sides, as well as the elegant T-shaped stand – all this helps to give the design an aesthetic appearance that matches the image.

One of the main discussion topics for 2018 TVs is the ease of setting them up. According to them, download the Samsung SmartThings application, and you will get to work right away.

Although this is generally true, it means you must log in to Samsung’s SmartThings or remember the password that you created many years ago. If this saves you time, it will ultimately depend on how quickly you can subscribe to the service or remember the password mentioned – any delay, and it may happen that Samsung’s new and improved setup takes longer than last year.

However, after you go through the login screen, you will get a phenomenally reliable, incredibly fast interface. Navigating in the nooks of Tizen is an exciting treasure hunt since you never know what good you are going to discover next.

Photo Samsung NU8000 TVImage Credit: Samsung

HD / SDR Performance
When you need to take old HD and SD content and turn it into a fantastic looking 4K, you need a great zoom mechanism. Fortunately, Samsung has no problem in this arena. To this end, the Samsung NU8000 is surprisingly good at 1080p – even if it’s a little darker and a little less detailed than similar content played in 4K / HDR.

For example, we played the original Iron Man through FXNow and Chromecast, and it looked surprisingly good for a movie that came out over 10 years ago. Despite the fact that the dark scenes lacked detail, they were not very grainy, which indicates the ability of the TV to clear old content.

Robert Downey Jr’s Tony

Another scene, however, proves that there is still room for improvement: in Iron Man 2, Robert Downey Jr’s Tony Stark will question Mickey Rourke’s Whiplash, and the gradation of colors is very obvious – a problem that could be worse if you watch it. via Apple TV, as the NU8000 automatically switches it to game mode.

Everything becomes better when there are less movement and more color on the screen, but you understand that there may be times when you will be interested where everything went wrong.

Editor’s Note: if you tend to see the effect of the soap opera and want to turn it off, go to “Settings” -> “Image” -> “Advanced Settings” -> “Auto Motion Plus”, and then turn on “Blur Reduction” to 10, at the same time turning the “Judd” down. to 0.

Fortunately, NU8000

Fortunately, NU8000 does an amazing job when it comes to color and contrast. The main weapon in the NU8000’s arsenal is the Samsung HDR + up-frequency algorithm, which accepts SDR content, expands its colors and opens up the screen contrast. With it, HD / SDR content will not look twice as long, and you will get a more dramatic contrast when watching old movies that were not shot in HDR.

The problem with HDR + (and something you want to fix immediately in the settings) is that it automatically changes the color tone to warm – adding a sepia filter to the content. If you want to remove the warm shade, you need to go into the settings and return the color tone back to standard.

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But there is a problem. Two, actually. First, the Samsung NU8000 is an LED-backlit LCD panel. This is not a complete array, and this means that its control over where the light is scattered is not perfect.

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