Sony Master Series XBR-65A9G And LG Biggest Thing

Viewing Experience
Viewing Experience

Welcome to Web Festo. Today I will tell you about the sony master series. Today I will also, tell you about LG and sony XBR-65A9G.

LG is one of the biggest names in OLED TVs

For the 65-inch XBR-65A9G, which we tested, it also costs more – $ 3,799.99. If money is not the goal, and you want an incredible picture with many useful features, the Sony A9G deserves your attention and deserves an editorial choice.

Stylish and simple Things In Sony Master Series

Stylish and simple Things In Sony Master Series

Sony abandoned the striking but clumsy easel design that made the A9E and A9F so distinctive. The A9G combines the minimalist black simplicity of Xperia phones and Walkman MP3 players. The TV is a simple black frameless OLED panel with only a 0.3-inch black stripe surrounding the active display. An extra quarter-inch stripe of dark gray runs along the bottom edge, with an indicator in the center and a Sony logo on the left. The screen is surrounded by a thin strip of black metal on the sides a quarter of an inch thick.

Although the screen itself is just over a quarter of an inch thick, the rectangular black plastic case on the back adds an additional 1.8 inches to the A9G. This case stores all the electronics of the TV, as well as its physical connections along the left side and bottom. An HDMI port, two USB 2.0 ports, a 3.5 mm headphone jack, a 3.5 mm composite video input, a 3.5 mm infrared receiver port and a unique set of wired speaker jacks are located on the left on the back of the TV. Three more HDMI ports, USB 3.0 port, Ethernet port, optical audio output, RS-232C port, an antenna/cable connector are facing down.

The A9G has a traditional design compared to the company’s previous OLED models but has one useful feature: Sony Acoustic Surface Audio +. Instead of the usual speakers hidden somewhere on the TV, the A9G uses a pair of 10-watt actuators to resonate with the OLED panel itself to create stereo sound. The drives are paired with a pair of 20-watt “subwoofer” drivers for creating bass for a 60-watt sound system that creates a larger sound field with better picture quality than conventional TVs.

Android TV and Google Assistant Of Sony Master

Like many other Sony TVs, along with several Hisense TVs, the A9G uses Android TV for its interface and smart features platform. This is a powerful system filled with useful features and many streaming services. Most of the major names in the video are present, including Amazon Prime Video, Google Play Movies & TV, Hulu, Netflix, Sling TV, and YouTube. For music, Google Play Music, Pandora, SiriusXM, Spotify, Tidal and many applications for Internet radio are available. There are also many other applications, services, and games for a wide selection of things that you can do with a TV without connecting anything to it.

Android TV also supports Google Cast, so you can access the A9G as if Google Chromecast is connected to it and stream the video from your phone or from the Chrome tab on your computer. It is not as flexible as Chromecast, but its limitations are very specific and are unlikely to be a problem for most use cases; the only omission we discovered was the inability to stream the Oculus Quest video from the headset to the TV when it can be streamed to Chromecast.

Representation Of Sony Master Series

Representation Of Sony Master Series

The Sony A9G is an ultra-high-definition television (UHD or 4K) that supports high dynamic range (HDR) video. It can display HDR10, Dolby Vision, and Hybrid Log-Gamma (HLG) content in HDR.

We test televisions using the Klein K-10A colorimeter, Murideo SIX-G signal generator and CalMAN Portrait Displays CalMAN software with a methodology based on the Imaging Science Foundation calibration methods. As an OLED TV, the A9G displays a predictably perfect black color, that is, black pixels do not emit light no matter what other pixels do, and give the TV an “endless” contrast. ”

When displaying our standard 18 percent white-field test pattern, the A9G shows a peak brightness of 504.27 cd / m2, making it dimmer than the LG C9P (667.89 cd / m2) and E9P (633.56 cd / m2) OLEDs but still satisfactorily bright. No OLED can achieve the brightness of many LED TVs; The Sony Master Series Z9F LED TV shows 1677.49 cd / m2 with an 18 percent field, and even the much less expensive Hisense H8F shows a peak brightness of 796.84 cd / m2. Of course, the trade-off is that LED TVs do not display the ideal black level, allowing light to pass through the black pixels on the panel.

Fortunately, the A9G has advanced calibration settings for color reproduction. We do not recommend bothering with these settings yourself, but for a high-end TV that costs almost $ 4,000, we recommend spending an additional several hundred dollars to professionally calibrate it.

Viewing Experience

Viewing Experience

Despite the color problems, the A9G provides an excellent picture that can be seen on the BBC Planet Earth II. In the episode “Islands”, leaf green and blue water look vibrant and natural. Thanks to the excellent contrast of the TV, such small details as tree bark and fur are clear both in direct sunlight and in dark colors. This is a clean, detailed picture that faithfully shows the content.

The contrast of the A9G with the OLED effect looks impressive when watching The Great Gatsby. The ability of the TV to display perfect black and bright white colors in one frame allows the passage of many shadow details while maintaining the texture and haircut of black suits and hair. The skin tone looks natural against the backdrop of harsh black and white party scenes, while the bright oranges of dresses and teal pools look beautifully saturated.

Forza Horizon 4 on the Xbox One X also looks great on the A9G. DLC Lego Speed ​​Champions combines almost photorealistic cars and the environment with Lego vehicles and obstacles, and the TV accurately reproduces both visually dissimilar categories of objects. The muted brown and green colors of the dirt and trees look natural, while the brighter Lego leaves and roads match their vibrant, fun toy palette.

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